Kerswell Kids - Breakfast Club and Sessional Daycare
The Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club
The breakfast club serves both Nelson and St Edmunds Primary Schools in Whitton, Middlesex and is open from 7.30am each day (term time). Breakfast is available from 7.35am; we operate a self service style of breakfast where children can choose from a range of hot and cold choices. Staff are on hand to help younger members of the group. Breakfast service finishes at 8.20am and children are required to prepare for the walk to school.
Arrival and Handover Procedures
Parents are requested to sign their children in on arrival stating the time of arrival. Children arrive at Nelson School at 8.45am and once through the gates become the responsibility of the school. Junior children should make their way straight to classes; infant children are taken directly to their entrances. St Edmunds School children all enter through the main gate at 8.50am and become the responsibility of the school.
Please be aware Kerswell Kids can not be held responsible for any child that leaves School premises after these times.
Independent Arrival
At the Breakfast Club we are aware that some parents of children in years five and six may arrive at the setting independently, however we can not be held responsible for your child’s safety until they arrive into our care. We will need to know in advance details of their anticipated times of arrival, If you are planning for your child to arrive independently to the breakfast club please inform us at the time of registration.
The School Walking Bus
Although the walk to school operates as a style of walking bus we do make any stops on the journey to school. There is always a minimum of two adults supervising the walk one to lead (driver) and one to follow up at the rear (conductor). This ensures that all the children can be seen and kept under control. The minimum ratios are: 1 adult to 8 children (juniors) 1 adult to 4 children (infants) or 1 adult to 6 children (mixed). Adults hold hands with children under 7 years old. We expect junior children to walk in pairs independently. The maximum amount of children on the walk is 24. All children are required to wear high visibility jackets.
Scooters and Bikes
We are aware that the Schools we serve encourage scootering and cycling to school in line with their healthy schools policy. As we operate a walking bus system we would prefer children do not bring bikes or scooters to breakfast club. However children who do arrive with bikes or scooters will have to either carry their own scooter or push their bike to school.
Before School Clubs
Kerswell Kids has no provision for taking children to school prior to 8.20am. If your child attends a before school club we request that parents take their children directly to school. Do not drop them at the Breakfast Club and ask us to allow them to walk to school independently. We can not guarantee or have anyway of recording the arrival of children at the school.
Children are explained how we expected them to behave on the walk to school. We ask parents to support us by explaining the importance of sensible behaviour. Parents may be requested to withdraw their child from the group if their child continually misbehaves whilst walking to school.
Whilst at the hall staff will follow the main group policy on behaviour management.
Accident/Incident Procedure on Route to Schools
Our priority is for the safety of all the children in the group. During the walk we carry a mobile phone with contact details of all the children and a first aid kit, one member of staff holds a first aid certificate. If an accident or incident occurs we will follow the procedures in our main policy. In the event of a serious accident while on the walk to school, a member of staff will accompany the child to hospital leaving other members of staff to supervise the rest of the group. The member of staff will be responsible for contacting the parents.  The child’s school will also be informed. In the event of a minor incident the child will be taken the appropriate school’s welfare office with an accompanying incident report which will detail and inform the parent of our actions.
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